Driver Eligibility

Driver Eligibility

Historically, many NASCAR Cup Series drivers have also competed in other series races as well. Cup Series drivers now face more limitations on their participation in the Xfinity Series and Craftsman Truck Series. Established Cup Series drivers are:

  • Excluded from Xfinity and Craftsman Trucks regular-season finale and playoffs races
  • Not eligible for Xfinity Dash 4 Cash and the Triple Truck Challenge
  • Limited to participating in five Xfinity races
  • Limited to participating in five Craftsman Trucks races

Changes to NASCAR driver eligibility

As in years past, points-earning NASCAR Cup Series regulars above the three-year experience threshold also will be barred from participating in the regular-season finale and playoffs for the other two national circuits. Events in the Xfinity Series’ Dash 4 Cash and the Craftsman Trucks’ Triple Truck Challenge will also be off limits. Wednesday’s announcement continues a trend of reducing the impact of NASCAR Cup Series drivers in the Xfinity Series and Craftsman Trucks in an effort to better showcase those series’ competitors.

Under the 2020 guidelines, drivers with more than three years of premier series experience will be limited in their lower-series participation. The amount of Xfinity Series races allowed for those veterans will trim from seven to five. The allowable participation for the Craftsman Trucks will remain at five races.